Proud Winner of Oracle NetSuite 2019 Breakthrough Alliance of the Year – JAPAC

At the SuiteWorld 2019 conference in Las Vegas, Oracle NetSuite named Killiney Asia as the Breakthrough Alliance of the Year for Japan and Asia Pacific. This award is in recognition of our commitment to invest and realize growth together with NetSuite. Our mission is to enable companies in Asia to #GrowFasterPerformBetter through NetSuite. Winning this award demonstrates that our efforts on this journey are recognised. Something we are extremely proud of.


Enabling Companies to Grow Faster, Perform Better

We are Killiney. Our mission is straight forward : enabling companies to grow faster, perform better. We make it happen through our people and technology. We are Management Consultants and preferred Alliance Partner of Oracle NetSuite.


Specialists in NetSuite

The future is in cloud-technology. And we have made a choice to specialize in NetSuite. NetSuite has proven by far to be the best global cloud-based ERP system for fast-growing companies. We also believe that through our deeply embedded product expertise, we are able to achieve the best results for our customers.


Making Change Happen

‘Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end’. We know what it is like. We have successfully delivered many large scale, multi-functional, multi-country change projects. Our strategies towards effective change management will ensure that people buy-into, and embrace the process of change in your company.


Why companies choose Killiney Asia

Killiney Asia | Business People

Business People

We understand the challenges of running a business: keeping customers satisfied, employees engaged, whilst ensuring the finances allow for your future growth. We have been there, many years.

Killiney Asia | Passion


We share a passion for technology and how it can transform an organisation. How it will make your processes faster and more effective, enabling you to grow faster, perform better.

Killiney Asia | Expertise


We have deep expertise across many industries, understand the specific trends and the drivers and what keeps you ahead in your sector.

Killiney Asia | Culture


We have worked across Asia for many years.
We understand your culture and speak your language.

Killiney Asia | Teamwork


We work closely with your people to form a high-performance project team, realizing your company goals while enabling personal growth of the project members.

Killiney Asia | Impact


We hold a strong track-record of making change happen. We deliver results. We make sure the returns more than justify the investments you have made.