Making an Impact

NetSuite Implementation in Fintech

A global B2B cross border payment company that helps complete cross border payment in a cheaper and faster way. The company has outgrown its legacy accounting/ERP system and needed a new ERP that could support their money remittance business. They needed a ERP system that can integrate with their proprietary transaction system, which has a customer facing interface. They were also not able to have timely reporting to their shareholders and investors. The project took 5 months to complete for 5 countries (SG, MY, ID, HK, UK) and involved 8 business users (CTO, CFO and respective finance/tech team).

NetSuite Implementation in E-commerce Logistics

A startup logistics company that specializes in next-day last mile delivery for ecommerce clients in South East Asia. The company has outgrown its legacy ERP system and they have difficulties in managing the multi-currency and multi-accounting book requirement in each of the countries that they were operating. They needed a new ERP system that can scale as their logistics business grow. The project took 5 months to complete for 6 countries (SG, MY, ID, PH, TH, VN) and involved 7 business users (FD and respective finance managers).

NetSuite Implementation in Digital Entertainment

A startup video on demand streaming company which operates in SG, PH, TH, ID, IN and MU. The company was operating on a basic accounting system and have difficulties in timely consolidation of the accounting for submission to their parent company. They also had difficulties in managing the payment to their many suppliers. The project took 6 months to complete and involved 7 business users (CFO and entire finance team)

Value Proposition in Logistics

A Global Logistics company requiring a differentiating, well positioned and aligned answer to why customers in the SME segment in Asia should be choosing their services. Through a series of Value Proposition development workshops and engagement workshops, attended by over 500 participants across 16 countries, a clear and compelling Value Proposition was developed for use to its SME customers. This subsequently was incorporated in all the Marketing & Sales collateral and in staff training curriculum.

Set-up of captive back-offices

A Global Logistics company with a target to make a shift change in its indirect cost structure whilst improving process quality through the set-up of three captive back-offices across Asia. The challenge was to migrate business processes from eleven countries, implement workflow automation whilst ensuring business continuity was protected at all stages. The project was completed in twelve months and subsequently adopted by other regions.

Raising capital for series A

A Fintech company with ambitious growth plans in Asia and the US. To fuel this growth, the company needed to raise additional funding (Series A) to invest in innovation centers and assets. A solid financial restructuring plan along with a strategy document was prepared for discussions with potential investors. Working closely with the senior management team, the necessary funds were successfully secured within the expected timeframe.

Note: Killiney is founded in 2018 and some of the above case studies relate to projects performed during previous engagements. In all of the mentioned cases Killiney management had a leading role in managing the projects. Would like to know more? We would be very happy to discuss further.