Beyond the implementation of NetSuite, Killiney can help your business Grow Faster, Perform Better through the following consultancy services:

Leadership & Strategy Development

Where to play & how to win? Drive organisational success through a clear strategic plan and the development of your leadership team. Engaging the hearts & minds of your people to achieve your company’s strategic goals.

Value Proposition Development

Accelerate your growth through a clear and compelling value proposition. Making it easier for Marketing & Sales teams to position & sell your offerings, making it clearer for your potential customers why they should choose you.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Making sure your Sales Force delivers on its targets through Best-In-Class sales strategies, sales processes & tools. Creating the necessary rhythm in your sales operating model.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Project management services for set up of Captive/Outsourced BPO for ensuring focus on your core competencies and outsourcing or off-shoring selected business processes to the back office locations.

Series Financing

Whether it is for your series A, B, or C raising capital requires a solid financial case and company valuation in order to draw investors down the line.

Commercial & Financial Due Diligence

Examination of the quality and sustainability of a potential target for acquisition. Helping you in the complete assessment, identifying the potential synergies and risks. Enabling you to make the right decision at the right price based on the right information.

Interim CFO support

Whenever you require interim CFO support for a specific time or for a specific project.

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