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The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us – not just in our daily personal lives, but also in the business environment. Companies all over the world are learning and adapting to new ways of working, implementing new measures to fulfill social responsibilities in curbing the infection, and balancing that with meeting business demands.

In this article, we have put together some helpful tips on how a cloud-based CMMS can support your maintenance operation.

Increased Importance in Virtual Communication

Face-to-face interaction has always played a dominant role in effective communication in how we transpire ideas and information to others. Unfortunately, this is no longer feasible in the current situation where social distancing comes as a high priority in ensuring workforce sustainability. As a result, virtual communication is no longer an option. It is also equally important for us to recognize what constitutes to effective virtual communication.

Cloud-based CMMS enables critical information to be communicated with:

  • Maintenance teams and supervisors working remotely,
  • Contractors and suppliers who are no longer able to access your physical sites, and
  • Employees from various departments or on staggered shifts.

CMMS features such as asset images, QR codes or barcodes for identifying equipment, attach related files to work orders, reports and dashboards are functionalities that can enhance your virtual communication effectively when it comes to important information.

Quick Sharing of New & Evolving Information

As the situation evolves daily around the world, the recommended precautions and impacts to our businesses are changing everyday. Ensuring a fast and effective sharing of information is critical to protect our staff and adapt to rapid business changes.

The task group features in Fiix CMMS helps you to communicate changes quickly to:

  • Update personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements with instructions for wearing, inspecting, cleaning and storing as part of the advanced infection control measures,
  • Adjust sanitation procedures and frequency as required by authorities,
  • Increase ventilation rates and frequency of air filter replacements, and
  • Document detailed procedures and manuals for every work order to standard and speed up training of your maintenance operations.

Using the notification feature, you can also choose which users and how often they will receive the automatic notifications on changes and/or new work orders assigned.

Discourage Tool Sharing

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a guide on Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 and stated that contaminated surfaces and objects is one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads.

With Fiix CMMS mobile app, you team has the option to access Fiix and retrieve important information through their personal devices as opposed to shared computers, even when the internet connection is down or unstable.

Prioritize Your Maintenance Activities

Assign different levels of priority to your open work orders to filter out critical and essential maintenance operations for your facilities. Management can also use this information to make necessary staffing adjustments, and highlight potential supply chain issues. It is without a doubt that maintenance teams are critical to the overall business continuity especially at a time such as this. Having an itemized and prioritized list of your maintenance activities helps your organization to focus on what matters most. Use Fiix’s scheduled reports to automate updates on essential work orders for selected audience at your preferred frequency.

Prepare Ahead

While the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event that has hugely impacted all of us, there is a strong belief that we will come through this together.

Let us therefore use this time productively to prepare for the road ahead. Consider enhancing your professional development, reviewing backlogged maintenance tasks, or deploying solutions where it can help your teams to work effectively with minimal disruption.

Find the Support You Need

These are challenging times, and adapting to uncertainty can be complicated. Having said that, we are here for you. Reach out to us for any assistance you need, whether it is about the solution, government financial aid, etc. We are here to help.


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